Policies and Disclosures

I (Sandra Trainor) wish to provide you (the user of this website) with the below policies and disclosures, applied to the use of this website and when engaging in service with me. Keep reading, because it’s all explained below.

Privacy Policies

The policies in this section are in regard to privacy, and are for your understanding. They are to help you feel comfortable about sharing your information with me. It’s because I care about your privacy that I am taking the time to explain the types of information which may be received and collected by this website and how it is used.


I do not use third-party services in this website to display advertising. I do, however, use Google Analytics to collect reports that allow me to analyze the browsing and website usage of those who visit this website. These reports do not reveal to me your personal information, but are used to inform me about the website activity of users, so to provide you with the information that interests you the most.

If you have provided me with your information, I will not give, lend, or sell your information to any third party, such as another company, individual, or entity unless such information is needed to accomplish requested services. I may need to provide your information to a third party for mailing out your purchase, for example, or when including you in subscriptions.


When you subscribe to updates, a secure system collects your name and email address, which is then used by me to send replies and provide subscribers with information related to this website.

I do not share the personal information that you provide me with when subscribing to receive my updates, and I do not store any information about your visit to this website, other than to analyze and optimize your content for a better reading experience.

I do not give third-parties your email address, but subscribers may receive advertisements. If you wish to be removed from receiving such communications, just follow the unsubscribe instructions included in the received email.

Information is gathered by me and third-party services through the use of cookies. Cookies are small files that a website creates and places in a users computer. Cookies tell the website who you are, based on the information you provide. If you give a website your name and email address, for example, that website can then use cookies to store and use your name and email address. When you return to a website, cookies will tell the website who you are, for an individualized reading experience. Cookies can not gain access to other information on your computer.

You are free to turn off cookies by changing the specified settings in your browser. Instructions for managing or disabling cookies can be found on the website for your specific browser.

Disclosure Policies

The policies in this section are in regard to disclosures, and are for your understanding. They are here because I want you to know about me and the desires and intentions that I have for this website. These disclosure policies also include terms and conditions for the use of this website. They are here so that you can feel confident in your decision to use this website, engage in the services that I proved, or purchase the products that I promote.

Website Purposes
I decided to create this website in order to share with you information about the services and products that I offer, and to generate an income from these services and products. For example, I get payment from an individual or business for the creation of customized (commissioned) artwork, and when someone purchases my existing artwork.

Followed Guidelines
In October of 2009, the Federal Trade Commission made revisions to the guidance it gives concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. The revised FTC Ruling says that testimonial endorsements must disclose the material connections that they share with the seller of the products or services, and clearly disclose the results that consumers can expect. Because I agree with the revisions made to the FTC Ruling, I wish to indicate to you that any gifts received in association with an endorsement in this website were not paid for, and I never make false, deceptive, or misleading claims to the best of my understanding, even if I receive gifts from the companies whose products I endorse.

Your Satisfaction

You are another reason for my wanting to make this website. I hope that you find the images that I display pleasing, the information that I share helpful, and the services and products that I offer useful and satisfying. Not all services and products are refundable. It is solely up to me to decide which ones are refundable and which ones are not. For example, most completed services are not refundable, since payment for such services are partially based on an hourly rate that is agreed upon in advance. Original artwork and prints are usually refundable, but a successful digital download is not refundable, because it can be copied for use before returning. If you are unsatisfied, contact me within 30 days of your purchase to discuss a refund.

Deny Services

This website is managed from within the State of Florida, United States of America. I reserve the right to deny my services and products. For example, I can choose to provided services within the United States only, despite world wide access to its website, and deny the mailing of products based on geographical location.

I reserve the right to deny my services to any business, individual, or entity for any reason and without explanation. For example, I can deny my services to those wanting to share pornographic material, or promote any beliefs that I deem disturbing or obscene.

I reserve the right to not respond to being contacted by e-mail, phone, text message, or by any other means of communication for any reason and without explanation.

I reserves the right to discontinue special offers and promotions at any given time and without notice.

Submitted Information
When contacting me, you are solely responsible for the content of any information that you submit. I have no obligation to respond to being contacted. When contacting or submitting materials to me, you agree to not submit personal information that does not belong to you, such as a third party e-mail address or phone number. You agree to not submit any information that will violate the right of any party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, proprietary rights, or trade secrets. You also agree to not submit any unlawful, abusive, or obscene material, nor any plagiaristic material.

There is no guarantee that images or any other materials that you wish to contribute for use in a commissioned project will be safe. I am not responsible for the misuse of any materials that may occur in association with the services that I offer. For example, it is possible for materials to become lost or damaged when mailed. For this reason I suggested that you keep a copy or backup of whatever materials you submit.


This website is copyright protected. In other words, this website is owned by me. You may copy the content of this website, including text and images, for your personal, non-commercial home use only. You may not sell, redistribute, or reproduce the content of this website in whole or in part. With written permission from me you can republish content from this website on your website. After you contact me I may need time to consider your request before I reply with my decision.

I am not responsible for content republished without my permission, taken from this website or any website or media which can be accessed from this website, and I make no representation regarding the content of any website which can be accessed from this website. A link from another website does not mean that I endorse their products, services, or beliefs, or accept any responsibility for their content or use.

I am free to reproduce, use, disclose, display, exhibit, and distribute any information I receive from you without limitation, and can authorize others to do the same. This includes any ideas, concepts, text, and images contained in such information for any purpose pertaining to services or promotion. When submitting such materials to me, you do so without any expectation of compensation.

Your Agreement

You agree to abide to the above privacy policies and disclosures by using this website, or by engaging in any of the services that I offer or purchasing any of the products that I offer. You use this website by viewing one or more pages in this website, or by providing me with your email or other personal information or any material, or by submitting a comment or contacting me in any way. Do not use this website or request my services or products or if you do not agree to any of the above policies and disclosures. I may modify these policies, terms, and conditions at anytime.


This agreement is effective unless terminated by you or me. You can chooses to terminate this agreement by no longer using this website, provided that all prior use of this website be adhered to by this agreement. If you have engaged in services with me, an e-mail requesting termination can be sent to: artwork@sandratrainor.com, provided that the services have been paid for in full. I may terminate this agreement without notice for any reason, including your failure to comply with this agreement.

Date Last Modified
These policies and disclosures were last modified on August 21st, 2018 and are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions about the above polices and disclosures, please contact: info@sandratrainor.com.

Thank You
I wish to take this space to thank you for your interest in my artwork. Your visiting my website, and engaging in the services that I offer or purchasing the products that I sell, tells me that you are pleased with with my work and encourages me to continue on.