This online gallery shows some of my available artwork. Feel free to browse by scrolling down. To view at a larger size, click on any image to open a slideshow. Click off the slideshow when you want to return to this page. If you wish to inquire about a painting, simply contact me. If you choose to buy a painting and want it framed and ready to hang, be sure to request some framing options.

Copyright © 2016 Sandra Trainor, Lemon Wedges. Oil on canvas. 7 in. x 9 in.

Sandra Trainor, Lemon Wedges, 2016.
Oil on canvas, Approx. 7 in x 9 in.


Copyright © 2017 Sandra Trainor, Chili Peppers. Oil on canvas. 5 in. x 7 in.

Sandra Trainor, Chili Peppers, 2017.
Oil on canvas, Approx. 5 in x 7 in.


Copyright © 2018 Sandra Trainor, Avocado. Oil on canvas. 8 in. x 10 in.

Sandra Trainor, Avocado, 2018.
Oil on canvas, 8 in x 10 in.