How to mix color and choose color schemes.

Color Theory

March 17, 2018

Now and then I teach art classes, and I talk to my students about color. It’s one of my favorite topics, because in any composition you can arrange shapes and create dark and light areas, but understanding color makes it easier to achieve the results desired and gives the artist a greater way of expressing…

How I price my artwork.

Pricing Artwork

March 2, 2018

Pricing artwork isn’t easy, because it’s an attempt at estimating its value. This to say, some collectors might think a piece is not worth the asking price, while some might think the price is fair or even a bargain, depending on how much they value it. All an artist can do is give each piece…

My favorite colors from M. Graham.

Color Palette

October 4, 2017

M. Graham is a small manufacturer in the USA, created by artists with the intent to produce high quality paints. Their work environment is solvent free, which is the approach that I too like to take in my studio — I’m concerned about the environment for our well-being. I can add walnut oil to thin…

A brush wash, made without turpentine or mineral spirits.

Brush Wash

March 9, 2016

For years I avoided oil painting because I never liked the fumes of solvents, such as turpentine and mineral spirits, which are commonly used to thin paint and wash brushes. There is such a thing as odorless mineral spirits (OMS), but it still smells, only not as much. And though OMS is said to be…