How to Make a Mahlstick

DIY Mahlstick

March 16, 2020

If you go shopping for a mahlstick, you may notice that some can be rather expensive, but I made one for around $6.00, using a wooden dowel and a finger puppet. “What’s a mahlstick?” you might ask. Well, let me tell you! A mahlstick can sometimes be spelt maulstick, and it’s name comes from the…

Prepare a canvas with Gesso

Acrylic Paints and Mediums

June 11, 2019

If the colors in your acrylic paintings are not as vibrant as you would like them to be, the reason could be that your paint is absorbing into the canvas, wood, or other support that you are using, which can dull your paint colors. The answer to your problem is simple — before you paint,…

Art Terminology

Art Terms

December 6, 2018

Have you ever listened to artists or art enthusiasts talk about art? If so, you may have noticed that they have their own language. One might say something like… “The large scale of this abstract piece makes it dramatic, along with its bold brushstrokes, angular lines, geometric shapes, and contrast in values. And yet, weaved…

Watercolor Tools and Materials

Watercolor Tools And Materials

September 7, 2018

Yes I paint in oils, but occasionally I teach drawing, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting. For some reason, my students have more questions about the tools and materials used for watercolor painting than anything else. And if my students are interested in this, maybe you are too — thus this blog post. Here’s what’s needed…

How to Stretch Watercolor Paper

Stretching Watercolor Paper

September 6, 2018

“Why do you tape your watercolor paper to a board?” is something that I was asked while giving a watercolor painting demonstration. I answered, “it stretches the paper, which prevents it from buckling.” This led to more questions, which I was happy to answer. If you too have questions about stretching watercolor paper, read on,…