Because you’re curious, here are some things about me and my artwork. I attended the Art Institute of Boston — which later merged with Lesley University and was renamed College of Art and Design. After graduating I worked in advertising as a graphic designer and Illustrator. Then due to a promotion I became an art director. Years later I designed websites under the business name of WEBits Design. Around that time I also produced graphic design tutorials and articles for When the company sold I moved on to teach art classes. And now I draw and paint or work on any creative project that interests me.

Sandra Trainor

Sandra sketching at Shalom Park

My husband took this photo of me. We live and work in Central Florida. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and I like to create recipes. I  post them in a blog called Now That’s Vegan!

But getting back to my artwork, regardless of the subject matter, it’s representational. In other words, it depicts what is easily recognizable. This in contrast to non-representational or abstract. When deciding on a subject, I often turn to flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables. Sometimes I paint household objects. And sometimes people and pets.
If you’re wondering how I create my artwork, I like to sketch with graphite or charcoal pencils. This helps me to find the best composition. For color reference, I make small watercolor or acrylic studies. Sometimes I take photographs. I render my paintings with oils. I try to avoid using toxic colors and turpentine or mineral spirits. Yes, it’s possible to paint this way. If interested, I have blog posts that share my Color Palette and the Brush Wash that I use. And because oils take a while to dry, my finished paintings sit on my drying shelf for several weeks. After that I either show them or sell them.
I like being an artist. I also like to think that my artwork might give you a smile — since having paintings that you enjoy in your home or workplace is likely to brighten your day. I offer both originals and high quality open addition giclée prints. I can have them framed and ready to hang or left unframed. You can go to my online Gallery to view some of my artwork. And if you wish to inquire about a painting, simply contact me.